Artist In Residence

Eelus came to stay this weekend and we couldn't have been more delighted. He left behind for us these two stunning murals in the garden.

Blow Up measures a whopping 3.5m tall and sits behind the pizza oven area.

And an incredible one-of-a-kind piece runs 8m in length and frames the tennis court rather nicely.

A massive thank you to Eelus for being this years artist in residency. INCREDIBLE !

Theo Cooks

The Hill House wood fired oven can be used for a whole lot more than just pizza.

Watch Theo Micheals cook up a salt crusted lamb shoulder in the Hill House outdoor oven.....

Urban In Norfolk

At Hill House art is one of our passions.

We love urban art and it contrasts really nicely against the 16thC manor and our Norfolk village.

We invite artists to come and stay and leave something behind for all of our future guests. It means that Hill House constantly evolves and there's always something new going on.....

We think the art couldn't be more at home here.

The Big Picture

Run For The Hills is part of a bigger story. We're the venues side of Elsewhere and we're all about bringing people together through extraordinary experiences.

Which simply means you're in safe hands right from the off.....

Team Building In Norfolk

Team building at Hill House isn't served up in the usual and predictable way. We like to surprise and there's plenty of that.

Taken back to WW2 teams are drafted in to defuse a major bomb plot.

We cannot say much more- we have no idea who could be tapping in. Teams will try anything to get an advantage...




Luxury Holiday House In Norfolk

We're all about attention to detail, fun and creativity.

We think we've got something special here and we hope you love staying as much as we do.

We've crammed the house and our 6 acres with lots of things to do.

Just add friends and family. Enjoy.

It's All About The Ducks

The duck invasion started with a couple of ducks on the pond one day and over the years it's resulted in quite a large occupancy.

There's a duck hunt game for the kids, ducks in the baths and mini ducks and duck banks for sale.

Our own brand of Hill House toiletries MuckyDuck - includes a lavender bubble bath and there's even MuckyDuck hand soap dispensers all around the house that leave your hands smelling like a freshly peeled orange. Nice.

Afternoon Drinking

Aunty Elsie's cocktail bars can set up in the Hill House drawing room.

There's even a cocktail bar for the afternoon - the tea room with smoking cocktails.

The cocktails are put into tea pots and injected with smoke, so they really are smoking.

And don't forget the Black Forest Daiquiri with Popping Candy Brownies - it's a firm Aunty Elsie's favourite.

Cocktails at Hill House 2017

Fish And Chip Friday's

This is Bill. He's a bit of a legend at Hill House.

He'll come out to you on Friday evening (perfect if you've just arrived) and cook his fresh fish and chips directly from his van on the Hill House door step.

We'll get this all set up for you and anything else that you require. We get in touch one month prior to your stay and get everything in place for you.

Fast Food

The Hill House simulator is a popular thing.

We bring it into the drawing room and set it up slap bang in the middle of the room. It's a full-size F1 car and it attracts a lot of attention. 

Lots of people have used it over the years and it was great to see Jean-Christophe Novelli taking it for a spin too....

The Weekend Retreat

Hill House is an amazing place to come away to with friends and family - and we think that's doubly so for a long-weekend.

Arriving after work on Friday, we can have food awaiting to ease you into your weekend away - from Bill's fish and chip van to pulled-pork from the comfort food menu.

There lots to do here so if you want to slow down the pace from your working week, there's no need for day trips.

Just add friends and family and you're ready to go and the unfortunate reality is that Monday morning comes around way too soon.

Welcome To The New Website

After nearly 10 years of being open for business it was time to give the Hill House website a new look and feel.

It's been an incredible journey and we're now 4 venues strong with Hill House inspiring and forming part of Run For The Hills.

Hill House is our creative hub and with this upgrade the website matches all of our other properties.

I hope you like it and love Hill House as much as we all do.....