Pop-up Bedroom #10

The newest creation at Hill House is our Pop-up Bedroom #10.

In a previous life it was a room dedicated just to dogs. Whilst amazing - it wasn’t getting used all the time.

Now the downstairs room is fully furnished with curtains and can be set up as either a downstairs bedroom with up to 2 single beds, a chill out space with bean bags (perfect for kids) or back to the original dog room with dog beds - it’s really up to you and your needs.

And like all Hill House rooms there’s been real attention to detail and a number of creative touches.

If you use it as a bedroom, you will have a space downstairs for up to 2 guests. This can also work very well for any guests that you have that need a ground floor bedroom without the stairs.

The room is there for your needs, so please get in touch and let us know how you would like it set.


Kunstrasen - Our Artist In Residence 2019

Never Wipe The Fun Away

This years Hill House artist in residence has been Kunstrasen and we were honoured to have him stay. He flew over from Germany to be with us for a week over the Easter holidays.

Kunstrasen is a German stencil artist who derives his name from the German term for astroturf. In addition to a sly bit of wordplay, kunst=art and rasen=speeding in German, his chosen moniker is relevant to lots of questions in the art world today, relating to issues of authenticity, mimicry, and mass production.

Not only did he kindly bring 3 new canvases for us to adorn the walls of newly created bedroom 9 (one included his last ever spot remover that will ever be made) but he also painted 3 walls for us. Amazing!

We picked the games rooms as the room most needing a little refresh and by chance has astro turf for carpet. So it all seemed to make sense…

Here’s his legendary spot remover in the games room and there’s another 2 amazing walls for guests to find and enjoy. And our big spot remover has a fantastic twist to it - just turn on the UV lights that sit underneath to illuminate the line “Never wipe the fun away” - a line that’s so so true but very easy to forget.

They’re simply spectacular and it’s been a joy. Thank you Kunstrasen- it’s been an absolute pleasure to have you stay. Safe flight home.

Games Rm Entrance.jpeg
Games Rm 2.jpeg
Games Rm UV.jpg

Swing Grill BBQ

Now that we’re firmly into Spring, we do like to get excited about our big swing grill BBQ menu. It really is a sight to behold. The grill is beautifully suspended on top of the coals and a crank handle base adjusts the height of the BBQ grill to modulate the cooking heat.

We love the theatre of using our swing grill BBQ at events. Guests are always blown away by it….This amazing BBQ is a centre piece to any event, and delivers all the Wow we could ask for!”

Theo and Darren from the Elsewhere food team have put their thinking caps on and have come up with a terrific new menu to make the most of this incredible BBQ.

Set in the stunning grounds of Hill House, our BBQ is a chance to kick back outside and enjoy food straight off the stunning swing-grill.

HH Swing Grill BBQ.png

Choose from 3 of these amazing dishes

-Norfolk whiskey and local honey glazed baby back ribs with chipotle rock salt

-Spicy Norfolk turkey wings with coriander yoghurt dressing

-Orange and lime marinated spatchcockchicken with devilled red ginger jam

-Lemongrass beef skewers with spiced cashew nut satay sauce

-Jumbo shell on butterfly prawn skewers with jalapeño picode gallosalsa

-Harissa cauliflower steaks served with apple tomato salsa

They are all served with some wonderful salads; rainbow coleslaw, fresh green leaves salad, tomato blue cheese rocket salad and baskets of artisan breads.

For desserts the team brings you a fruit salad with Greek yoghurt and honey along with the lip-smacking lemongrass marshmallows with Maltesercrunch ice cream and maple berry glaze

Now that all sounds mouth watering. Bring on Summer!!

Corporate Glamping Orchard

Summer Events from Elsewhere

Introducing a brand new way to conference or go offsite.

Use the Manor and the Hill House Glamping Orchard to bring your team together in an extraordinary new way.

HH Glamping Orchard 1 .jpg
HH Glamping Orchard 2.jpg
Hill House Glamping Orchard 3.jpg

Our corporate glamping orchard combined with Hill House is a light-year away from the office yet only 90 minutes on the train from London….it’s special and a break from the predictable and the formulaic. We can even pick you up from Diss station in vintage coaches to set the tone right from the off.

Life’s too short for ordinary - you’ll hear us saying this a lot.

And if you have a spare 2 minutes, take a look at a video that we shot at one of our glamping conferences at Home Farm in Aldenham last summer.

Dining at Hill House Norfolk

Dining at Hill House Norfolk.jpg

Staying at Hill House is a special experience, one where memories are made and a chance for friends and family to spend valuable time together. 

With so many things to do, a stay at Hill House can be as relaxing or exciting as you want, but either way, evening meals are a chance for all to come together, enjoy the moment and share in a grand dining experience.  

Here’s a short video introducing our dining room set for 20 ahead of our signature Norfolk Feast

Norfolk is home to some of the UK’s best produce and we like to keep it local, sourcing our meats from local butchers from farms in Norfolk to fish caught off the Norfolk coast. 

Great lighting, candles lit, music on, log firing roaring. The Norfolk Feast at Hill House is as supper should be when you’re eating in the dining room of a 16thcentury manor house.

Enjoy your pop-up restaurant experience at Hill House.

Just add friends and family.


id-iom | 2018's Artists In Residency

id-iom artists in residency.jpg


Our artist in residency programme is now in its third year.

We love inviting exciting artists to come and stay. The artists get some valuable downtime and a chance to get away from it all, hang out with friends and family and hopefully feel a little inspired too. And Hill House guests get some amazing new artwork left behind to enjoy for years to come.....so everyone's a winner!

Wow!!! Hugo and Sholto (the brothers known as id-iom) came to stay this year and boy did they leave behind a treasure trove of goodies for us to find. We've got 2 new garage doors, a new table tennis table, a my way or the highway sign, and a lovely demotivational sign to greet guests on arrival. 

'In wine there is truth, in water there is life' is now emblazoned on the Hill House Norfolk games room doors. We couldn't agree more Id-iom and thanks a million for the matching table tennis table next to it. We love it :)

Fancy a France Wedding Package with a difference? Let’s start in Norfolk…

Food tastings at The Chateau.jpg

Getting married in France is a dream for a lot of couples. The fairytale French Chateau wedding, beautiful surroundings, it really is something to be remembered. Have you seen our stunning French Chateau?

However, when you’re not based in France, organising a France wedding package can be challenging and the language barrier may for some be enough to forgo their fairytale French wedding. 

But not on our watch. 

Elsewhere bridges the gap between France wedding packages and the UK. We are a British company, located in England. Our expert French wedding planner, Sam, is currently sitting in our office as I write this post!

We work with couples who want that France wedding package and are located in the UK. One of our key platforms is our beautiful and luxurious 16th century Norfolk country retreat; Hill HouseNestled in stunning green surroundings, it is the quintessentially English country estate, with tennis court, outdoor pizza oven, street art installations (yes, I just said street art installations), 8 bedrooms and an imposing building. 

 It is here that when we are organising a France wedding package that we enjoy hosting our wedding breakfast tasting sessions. 

An intimate experience, our Executive Chef Theo Michaels and Sam, our expert France wedding package planner will join you on a chefs table type of experience. Theo will gain an understanding of the food you like and then a date for your tasting session will be booked. It goes a little like this… 

You arrive at our stunning Norfolk retreat Hill House (or one of our other venues around the UK), sitting together in the country kitchen, a couple of glasses are wine are poured, possibly four. 

Your fiancé, you and Sam sit around the country kitchen island, Theo starts to discuss the food concepts he has been considering. 

This is not just about menu’s it’s about the whole theme, the concept of the dining experience. 

You all sit, chatting, Theo cooking one dish after another on your very own chef’s table. Cooking, plating up and serving several dishes to share and taste, explaining why that dish is being created, the components, and walking though the different dishes one at a time. 

This is all part of the Elsewhere experience of helping to make your special day perfect. 

Life is too short for ordinary.

Love All!

We love group escapes - places to run away to and get away from it all. It's all about being together with friends and family and we've got a wonderful selection of places that will do the trick.

Come and visit our other venues -

The Chateau | The Mayor's House | Anywhere Tipis and Tents all found at our Run For The Hills site.

We're 1 of 4 so if you love Hill House Norfolk, you'll love them all.


Artist In Residence

Eelus came to stay this weekend and we couldn't have been more delighted. He left behind for us these two stunning murals in the garden.

Blow Up measures a whopping 3.5m tall and sits behind the pizza oven area.

And an incredible one-of-a-kind piece runs 8m in length and frames the tennis court rather nicely.

A massive thank you to Eelus for being this years artist in residency. INCREDIBLE !

Theo Cooks

The Hill House wood fired oven can be used for a whole lot more than just pizza.

Watch Theo Micheals cook up a salt crusted lamb shoulder in the Hill House outdoor oven.....

Urban In Norfolk

At Hill House art is one of our passions.

We love urban art and it contrasts really nicely against the 16thC manor and our Norfolk village.

We invite artists to come and stay and leave something behind for all of our future guests. It means that Hill House constantly evolves and there's always something new going on.....

We think the art couldn't be more at home here.

The Big Picture

Run For The Hills is part of a bigger story. We're the venues side of Elsewhere and we're all about bringing people together through extraordinary experiences.

Which simply means you're in safe hands right from the off.....

Team Building In Norfolk

Team building at Hill House isn't served up in the usual and predictable way. We like to surprise and there's plenty of that.

Taken back to WW2 teams are drafted in to defuse a major bomb plot.

We cannot say much more- we have no idea who could be tapping in. Teams will try anything to get an advantage...




Luxury Holiday House In Norfolk

We're all about attention to detail, fun and creativity.

We think we've got something special here and we hope you love staying as much as we do.

We've crammed the house and our 6 acres with lots of things to do.

Just add friends and family. Enjoy.

It's All About The Ducks

The duck invasion started with a couple of ducks on the pond one day and over the years it's resulted in quite a large occupancy.

There's a duck hunt game for the kids, ducks in the baths and mini ducks and duck banks for sale.

Our own brand of Hill House toiletries MuckyDuck - includes a lavender bubble bath and there's even MuckyDuck hand soap dispensers all around the house that leave your hands smelling like a freshly peeled orange. Nice.

Afternoon Drinking

Aunty Elsie's cocktail bars can set up in the Hill House drawing room.

There's even a cocktail bar for the afternoon - the tea room with smoking cocktails.

The cocktails are put into tea pots and injected with smoke, so they really are smoking.

And don't forget the Black Forest Daiquiri with Popping Candy Brownies - it's a firm Aunty Elsie's favourite.

Cocktails at Hill House 2017

Fish And Chip Friday's

This is Bill. He's a bit of a legend at Hill House.

He'll come out to you on Friday evening (perfect if you've just arrived) and cook his fresh fish and chips directly from his van on the Hill House door step.

We'll get this all set up for you and anything else that you require. We get in touch one month prior to your stay and get everything in place for you.

Fast Food

The Hill House simulator is a popular thing.

We bring it into the drawing room and set it up slap bang in the middle of the room. It's a full-size F1 car and it attracts a lot of attention. 

Lots of people have used it over the years and it was great to see Jean-Christophe Novelli taking it for a spin too....

The Weekend Retreat

Hill House is an amazing place to come away to with friends and family - and we think that's doubly so for a long-weekend.

Arriving after work on Friday, we can have food awaiting to ease you into your weekend away - from Bill's fish and chip van to pulled-pork from the comfort food menu.

There lots to do here so if you want to slow down the pace from your working week, there's no need for day trips.

Just add friends and family and you're ready to go and the unfortunate reality is that Monday morning comes around way too soon.