The newest creation at Hill House is our Pop-up Bedroom #10.

In a previous life it was a room dedicated just to dogs. Whilst amazing - it wasn’t getting used all the time.

Now the downstairs room is fully furnished with curtains and can be set up as either a downstairs bedroom with up to 2 single beds, a chill out space with bean bags (perfect for kids) or back to the original dog room with dog beds - it’s really up to you and your needs.

And like all Hill House rooms there’s been real attention to detail and a number of creative touches.

If you use it as a bedroom, you will have a space downstairs for up to 2 guests. This can also work very well for any guests that you have that need a ground floor bedroom without the stairs.

The room is there for your needs, so please get in touch and let us know how you would like it set.