Outside, we have Little Tikes equipment, table tennis, tennis, a tree swing and a big red elephant on the lawn!
(it’s part of our fund-raising effort for BREAK, a local children’s charity).
We also have magical garden lasers that kids love to find at dusk.

Inside, we have a very well kitted out free-play retro arcade- including an 8ft air hockey table, Pac Man, Donkey Kong, original Star Wars pin ball and the HH ice cream machine. We have 3 cots, 2 high chairs, 1 booster and stairgates that we put up for you before your arrival.


HH Kids Club

We are proud to have created a very special service.
Forget face painting and dressing up. It’s time for your children to have a new experience.
From mini-graffiti to the ultra-violet treasure hunt. Hill House has our own offerings- unique to us.

The Baby Station

We think that when you are travelling with your baby that you shouldn’t need to load your car up with everything including the kitchen sink. From nappies (all sizes) to creams to sterilisers to new teats. For bath time there’s a baby bath seat, soaps and thermometer. For chilling out time use the Bjorn bouncing chair. The Baby Station is a complimentary service.


The HH Duck Hunt

The HH Duck Hunt game has 10 ducks dotted around our 6 acres for children to hunt down.
You can choose an enhanced version of the game that ends with your kids finding treasure.
HH Duck Hunt Map