Now that we’re firmly into Spring, we do like to get excited about our big swing grill BBQ menu. It really is a sight to behold. The grill is beautifully suspended on top of the coals and a crank handle base adjusts the height of the BBQ grill to modulate the cooking heat.

We love the theatre of using our swing grill BBQ at events. Guests are always blown away by it….This amazing BBQ is a centre piece to any event, and delivers all the Wow we could ask for!”

Theo and Darren from the Elsewhere food team have put their thinking caps on and have come up with a terrific new menu to make the most of this incredible BBQ.

Set in the stunning grounds of Hill House, our BBQ is a chance to kick back outside and enjoy food straight off the stunning swing-grill.

HH Swing Grill BBQ.png

Choose from 3 of these amazing dishes

-Norfolk whiskey and local honey glazed baby back ribs with chipotle rock salt

-Spicy Norfolk turkey wings with coriander yoghurt dressing

-Orange and lime marinated spatchcockchicken with devilled red ginger jam

-Lemongrass beef skewers with spiced cashew nut satay sauce

-Jumbo shell on butterfly prawn skewers with jalapeño picode gallosalsa

-Harissa cauliflower steaks served with apple tomato salsa

They are all served with some wonderful salads; rainbow coleslaw, fresh green leaves salad, tomato blue cheese rocket salad and baskets of artisan breads.

For desserts the team brings you a fruit salad with Greek yoghurt and honey along with the lip-smacking lemongrass marshmallows with Maltesercrunch ice cream and maple berry glaze

Now that all sounds mouth watering. Bring on Summer!!