Never Wipe The Fun Away

This years Hill House artist in residence has been Kunstrasen and we were honoured to have him stay. He flew over from Germany to be with us for a week over the Easter holidays.

Kunstrasen is a German stencil artist who derives his name from the German term for astroturf. In addition to a sly bit of wordplay, kunst=art and rasen=speeding in German, his chosen moniker is relevant to lots of questions in the art world today, relating to issues of authenticity, mimicry, and mass production.

Not only did he kindly bring 3 new canvases for us to adorn the walls of newly created bedroom 9 (one included his last ever spot remover that will ever be made) but he also painted 3 walls for us. Amazing!

We picked the games rooms as the room most needing a little refresh and by chance has astro turf for carpet. So it all seemed to make sense…

Here’s his legendary spot remover in the games room and there’s another 2 amazing walls for guests to find and enjoy. And our big spot remover has a fantastic twist to it - just turn on the UV lights that sit underneath to illuminate the line “Never wipe the fun away” - a line that’s so so true but very easy to forget.

They’re simply spectacular and it’s been a joy. Thank you Kunstrasen- it’s been an absolute pleasure to have you stay. Safe flight home.

Games Rm Entrance.jpeg
Games Rm 2.jpeg
Games Rm UV.jpg