id-iom artists in residency.jpg


Our artist in residency programme is now in its third year.

We love inviting exciting artists to come and stay. The artists get some valuable downtime and a chance to get away from it all, hang out with friends and family and hopefully feel a little inspired too. And Hill House guests get some amazing new artwork left behind to enjoy for years to everyone's a winner!

Wow!!! Hugo and Sholto (the brothers known as id-iom) came to stay this year and boy did they leave behind a treasure trove of goodies for us to find. We've got 2 new garage doors, a new table tennis table, a my way or the highway sign, and a lovely demotivational sign to greet guests on arrival. 

'In wine there is truth, in water there is life' is now emblazoned on the Hill House Norfolk games room doors. We couldn't agree more Id-iom and thanks a million for the matching table tennis table next to it. We love it :)