Summer Events from Elsewhere

Introducing a brand new way to conference or go offsite.

Use the Manor and the Hill House Glamping Orchard to bring your team together in an extraordinary new way.

HH Glamping Orchard 1 .jpg
HH Glamping Orchard 2.jpg
Hill House Glamping Orchard 3.jpg

Our corporate glamping orchard combined with Hill House is a light-year away from the office yet only 90 minutes on the train from London….it’s special and a break from the predictable and the formulaic. We can even pick you up from Diss station in vintage coaches to set the tone right from the off.

Life’s too short for ordinary - you’ll hear us saying this a lot.

And if you have a spare 2 minutes, take a look at a video that we shot at one of our glamping conferences at Home Farm in Aldenham last summer.